Friday, April 16, 2010

the little I love yous.

when it comes to loving your babies.
well...thats just easy.
 I clean their diapers. put on their sunscreen. and read them books.
I make them eat healthy food most adults wouldn't touch.
and get cozy with them and our favorite 
goldie the blanket.
I teach them about God and pray with them always.
We go on walks each day.
and I constantly profess my love for their heart. 
their laugh. 
their every little part.

but it seems that these things can slip right by.
maybe in the years to come they will see what they mean.
but for now I like to do little things.
the little I love yous.
thats more their language.

for trent.
one little thing.
while he is sleeping.
or playing cars in his room.
I like to make displays out of his own toys.
this time.
he comes out and sees all sorts of little shapes and figures
he wouldn't normally be able to create on his own.
and I just leave it there.
until he happens upon it.
you can imagine.
one point for the cool mom.

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