Sunday, March 21, 2010

the good ole days.

we are an entertaining family.
I must say.
the type of people you'd like to just sit back and watch, 
and giggle!
just to kind of see it happen.

to see trent at teeball.
I am not even sure he realizes there are two teams and 
an entire organized sport taking place around him.

or me. 
chasing dust bunnies around our home.
while breastfeeding. 
my hair tossed up in pins and ties.
and my clothes smothered in an assortment of
homemade baby purees.

there's time out.
there's tears.
there's trains. cars. and little mans.
and learning how to finally ride that tricycle.

dirty diapers. 
getting cozy and watching max and ruby.
and the constant sounds of 
a teething babe.

singing. a harmonica.
and reading the same books over.
and over.
and over.

potty training.
rewarding with organic gummy bears.
teaching a little one how to make homemade orange juice.
and that you can't leave a mess on the countertops.

long walks as a family.
1-4 naptime.
and a labrador that likes to dig.

our life is a bit of a mess.
trent has told me so.

but I am quite certain this will be the time
we look back on.
and our hearts will swell.

because right now we are living
 in what we will someday refer to as 
the good ole days.