Sunday, November 1, 2009

first home.

as my babies napped today.
(and my big baby watched football)
I began packing up our sweet home.
I was overwhelmed with emotions. memories. and gratitude. 
I love this home.

these walls have surrounded us the last five years.

this is where tom and I use to sit on the couch
and drink wine and eat bread and cheese for dinner.
and slow dance in the living room with the lights off.
our first days as a couple.

I remember bringing home our puppies maddie and finn.
they would slide across these hardwood floors.

this is where we first brought home both of our babies from the hospital.
pacing these rooms all hours of the night.
our first days as a family.

this house looks great with the lawn mowed.
and even better with christmas lights.
we have been blessed with great neighbors.
and an amazing park.
and an incredible place to start our family.

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